A New Start for My Mom

When my mother told me that she was leaving her third husband, I admit that I was secretly very happy over this news. She had been widowed twice, and she had married this man out of a fear of being alone. He was never good to her though, and I was just happy that she was finally going to put herself first. She wanted me to look at apartments close to where I live, and I told her that the Regency at Outlook Canyon apartment complex is one that she would really enjoy living at.

I already knew better than to have her come live with me. Though I would love for her to be here with me, she is just too independent in that way. She would feel like she was a burden and invading on my privacy. I have three kids though, so privacy is a word that has been out of my personal dictionary for years now! Anyway, I was just excited that she wanted to move closer to us, because that would mean she would be able to bond even more with her grandchildren, who are the light of her world.

She wanted to know why this apartment complex was better than others, and I explained that it is because it is in a great location, the prices are affordable, the amenities are seemingly endless, and the apartments are really nice too. I knew this because two of my friends have apartments there, and they are just amazing. She filled out an application and was accepted, and she moved in just two weeks later. She loves being this close to us, since that means she can see the kids every day if she wants rather than the once a month she saw them before. This is just better for everyone this way!